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Sufers - Switzerland

During 2015 I was given the opportunity to be able to take part in a ceramic workshop in Switzerland, Sufers. During this workshop I was able to explore and learn new skills, taking part in Raku and Woodfiring ceramic techniques.

I was also able to take part in a old and traditional jewelry making technique called Ashanti. This technique uses wax to create jewelry pieces, which is then placed into a mold and the wax is melted out. Brass or silver balls are then placed into the mold, covered and secured. Once the mold is dry, it is then placed into a coal heated oven and heated till the metal has melted. The mold is taken out, shaken and placed upside  down. Once the mold has cooled down it is then shaken to make sure that the metal has melted and then broken, revealing the beautiful pieces. 


A traditional firing technique used in Japan. Raku is a technique were you take the ceramic ware out of the oven whilst it is still glowing red, and placing it straight into materials like; sawdust, leaves, paper, hair or even starving the piece of oxygen. This creates cracking, crazing, lines and metallic effects.


Wood Fire

This technique uses wood to fuel the heat for the ceramic pieces. It is slowly burned for a couple of days allowing the ash of the wood to accumulate onto the ceramic pieces, creating running ash effects on the pottery. Different effects are also created due to how the fire moves around the pots creating beautiful and amazing details on the pottery.