Personal Project

My inspiration for my forms comes from a long admiration for traditional forms. I have always been attracted to the curvy and voluptuous shapes. And to me the forms can be a representation of a body. This can be seen in my work by how I have applied my patterns on to the surface, using the forms like a canvas for my patterns and colours.

My patterns have been influenced by henna ‘mehndi’ patterns, which are applied onto the body in times of happiness and celebrations. I love how the patterns are drawn onto the body following the curves and angles of it, rather than forming their own path. Henna patterns also represent certain meanings for example: Peacocks represent beauty and flowers represent joy and happiness. 

I have always been attracted to colour and patterns, and feel that colour affects our lives and moods. I believe that it is something that we take for granted. It is eye catching and grand and can make the smallest thing light up a whole room. I feel the same way about pattern, it is something that we are attracted to, it might not be something that we like but it is something that catches our eye. Whether you’re interested by the intricate details or innocently intrigued by what it forms, it is something that demands our attention.